Zahra Dinner Set

Rs. 37,400

Zahra dinnerware crafted with intricate detail and fine china, will make any dining experience special. It embodies a charm ever so graceful that will mesmerise and entice at the same time. Enigmatic blooms telling the story of a magical sunrise. A rendezvous with radiance in rouge. The ware is decorated with 24k Gold that adds a subtle mysticism to the tastefully designed tableware. 


   21 Piece Set : 6 Bowls, 6 Plates, 6 Quarter Plates, 2 Serving Bowls, 1 Platter
   28 Piece Set : 8 Bowls, 8 Plates, 8 Quarter Plates, 3 Serving Bowls, 1 Platter


MATERIAL : Fine Porcelain with 24K Gold Work      

SIZE : Plate - 28cm | Quarter Plate - 22cm | Dinner Bowl - 13cm | Serving Bowl - 21cm | Platter 35cm

Fine Porcelain Care Instructions
Dishwasher Safe (gentle)
Do not heat in a microwave
Use soft sponge for Hand-wash.

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